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My name is Lawrence Moorcroft and I am the author of ‘The Other Marco’.

I cannot recall if I ever received an ‘A’ for any subject at school.  Perhaps if I had taken art I might have hauled in one of these prestigious capital letters.  Undaunted, I decided to followed a career where I could exploit this latent talent for drawing I seemed to have.  Looking back I am delighted to realize as an Artist, Animator and now Author, it appears that I have at last collected a few ‘A’s along the way, many years after leaving school.  [My wife Allison is another achievement ‘A’]

As an artist working for an advertising agency, I came across a small book written by John Halas of London entitled: ‘The Technique of Film Animation’.  Reading the book I immediately realized that this was definitely a direction I should pursue.  Seven years later I was working in London for Halas and Batchelor as an animator.  Next stop was with TV Cartoons in Soho, animating the Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’.  At the end of this incredible experience a short hop across the channel found me in Brussels to animate the hilarious Goscinny/Uderzo duo Asterix and Obelix in ‘Asterix and Cleopatra’ and ‘The Big Fight’.  These two films were followed by ‘Tintin and the Temple of the Sun’.  And so into the artistic sunset, animating TV ads, illustrating, drawing and painting, and then unexpectedly I found I enjoyed writing. Prompted by my granddaughter who asked me to write a story for her, I wrote ‘The Other Marco’.

As I have indicated, the book, ‘The Other Marco’ is a novel and novels are not usually festooned with pictures taken from the story.  Now this would have disturbed me as a child as I refused to read a book if it did not have pictures in it.  I am not sure if I have outgrown this peculiarity, so have decided to illustrate the story, not to include them in the book, but publish them at regular intervals on this blog.  Pictures will not only illustrate scenes from the story but any associated points of interest arising from the narrative will be supported by more drawings and text.  In this way, even I would have been attracted to reading this book and I hope the booklovers out there, including all the quirkish ‘must have pictures’ readers like myself, will adequately have been catered for.

I would welcome any comments, good, bad or indifferent about this blog.



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